Ep 29. Patti’s Story: The Struggle is Real and So is the Love

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Patti recently published her first book: When He Was Anna: A Mom’s Journey Into the Transgender World. This chapter of Patti’s own story began when her youngest daughter, Anna, announced at the age of 17 that she is transgender. Patti’s husband explains in the foreword, this book is about a parent’s love of and support for their child, who now goes by Tristan. Patti openly and honestly shares the struggle, heartache, and trauma of discovering, loving, and supporting her transgender son.

Patti has a passion, and that is telling our stories so that others know that they are not alone. A gift of her journey has been guiding other parents who follow in her footsteps. Becoming a published author fulfilled Patti’s life-long dream; although she could have never imagined raising a transgender child would be her topic, it was. Watching Tristan evolve into a confident, independent young adult has been a treasured gift of her journey. Patti’s greatest hope is that Tristan’s life is filled with happiness and joy.


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