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    A Realization.

    My husband wanted a convertible, even though it made no sense to get a cute four-seater for a family of five. When Matt told me he was gay, it hit me. The only person who didn’t have a seat in that zippy convertible was me. What an unexpected launch this was!

    If you’ve landed in an unexpected circumstance, you’re in the right place. Life can fall apart sometimes, but it can be rebuilt. Here you will find a supportive community to move forward with and grow stronger every day.

The Podcast

The Unexpected Launch podcast was born out of the desire to create a community of women, men, and children who have gone through an unexpected launch – and want to share their story, advice, and leave listeners feeling less alone.

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    Stories have the power to heal, unify and empower. You too can make a difference for yourself and others by sharing your experiences and perspectives. We’ll always accept anonymous submissions and never share publicly if you’re not OK with it.

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The Blog

I share my personal story and stories of others navigating through a mixed-orientation relationship.