Ep 30. Brian’s Story: Storms in Life Have a Definite Beginning and a Definite End

In this episode:

Brian’s dad profoundly impacted his life; Brian wasn’t raised to be like anyone else. Brian was taught to stand in the gap, to be an intentional encourager. Brian has endured hardship in his adult life and has used those experiences to propel himself into projects that he is passionate about. Losing his dad unexpectedly and being fired from his job brought gifts of support, connection, and friendship into Brian’s life. These experiences laid the foundation for his book, People Buy From People, titled after one of his dad’s most valuable lessons. Originally envisioned as a book for those in sales, Brian realized that his book, woven with stories of his late dad, is a book about life. Brian recently launched and hosts his own podcast, The Intentional Encourager, where he shares stories of inspiration, hope, wisdom, connection, and … encouragement.

Encouraged people are powerful people.

Who can you encourage today?


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