Hi, I’m Kirsten Duncan. I’m a mom to three amazing young men. I’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend. I’m an optimist, an adventurer, a storyteller. I am also an ordinary woman who has navigated extraordinary circumstances. In the span of 4 months, our oldest son left for college, my husband of 24 years came out as gay, and our middle son was in a near-fatal drunk driving accident and suffered a severe brain injury.

This left me with the feeling of loss, yet somehow also finding balance and a great deal of unexpected discovery. Life can fall apart, but with grit, faith, and resiliency, it can be rebuilt.

This next chapter is mine to write, and I boldly and proudly share my story with you. I hope that you find meaning, growth, and strength in my story that reflects in yours. Is it uncomfortable? At times, yes. Is sharing it terrifying? Absolutely.

Through a serendipitous series of events, the inspiration for this project came to me. Here, I seek to create a supportive community – a place for safe dialogue without judgment or bitterness. By sharing our stories we can move forward and grow stronger each day.

Where will you find me? Hiking, on a yoga mat, curled up with a great book, working out, trying a new recipe, hip hop dancing, paragliding, learning how to fly a helicopter, exploring the desert of Morocco, swimming in the sea in Bali, getting lost in a new city, gardening, drinking wine, savoring a salted caramel, sipping a latte. Whatever I’m doing – you’ll find me pushing the envelope, facing my fears, and making the most of every single moment.

  • “Perfect families do not exist. This must not discourage us. Quite the opposite. Love is something we learn, love is something we live, love grows as it is forged by the concrete situations which each particular family experiences. Love is born and constantly develops amid lights and shadows.”

    -Pope Francis

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