Your story matters.

Ever read someone’s story and think: That’s exactly what I needed to hear today! Your story can do that for others. It can provide hope to those who feel broken. Comfort that you lived through a tough circumstance, and you made it through, wounds and all.

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    A Collection of Stories

    I’m collecting stories — both personally and from others going through an unexpected mixed-orientation relationship. There’s no such thing as “too trivial,” and there’s no “TMI.” What is important is that it is authentic and yours to be told. Of course – we can keep it anonymous.

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We All Have A Story

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About your host

Hi, I’m Kirsten Duncan. I’m a mom of three amazing young men and after 24-years of marriage, my best friend and husband came out as gay.

Did that turn my world upside down? Yes. As I searched for answers, I struggled to find resources that resonated with and inspired me. Through positivity and determination, I know this new chapter is mine to write. I boldly and proudly share my story in hopes that you find meaning, growth, and strength in your own.

May our shared stories help forge a new path forward.