Ep 1. My Husband Came Out

In this episode:

Welcome to the inaugural episode of An Unexpected Launch, hosted by me, Kirsten Duncan. Episode one is the beginning of my story. After 24-years of marriage, my best friend and husband came out as gay.

Just two months later, our 16-year old son was in a near-fatal car accident and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. I traveled to the depths of grief and loss. Through inspiring stories of courage, grit, and resiliency, and with the love and support of my family and friends, I’ve navigated my way forward and created a new life. I witnessed first-hand the transformational power of stories, of being open and vulnerable with our darkest moments. I am ready to share our stories.

Mixed-Orientation Marriages

We discuss mixed-orientation marriages, or those in which one spouse is straight and the other is gay. I knew nothing about such marriages until I found myself in one. As I searched for answers and stories like mine, I struggled to find resources that resonated with and inspired me. Certain others must feel the same way, I set out to create what I could not find. I am grateful to the women, men, and children who have shown their vulnerability, and with courageous voices share their beautifully complex families, their sources of inspiration, and grandest hopes.

Join me as I talk with families in mixed-orientation marriages.

We’ve refused to let loss and unexpected moments define us; we’ve used our challenges to propel us forward and to discover beautiful and unexpected gifts.

~ Kirsten Duncan, Unexpected Launch Host

May our stories help forge your path forward. I hope you’ll stay tuned for our next episode and in the meantime, learn more about my story on my blog.